Saw (2004) – The Cut Up #9

Check out Best Scenes and Best Quotes from the horror movie Saw, as done by The Cut Up.

Imagine you wake up, not knowing where you are or how you got there. You look around and see nothing but darkness. The lights pop on and you notice you’re surrounded by a frightening, life threatening situation. Suddenly you’re greeted by a a very creepy puppet whom explains to you in a deep voice that if you don’t make it out of this trap in a few hours, you will be left there to rot and your family will die…

This is what Adam and Dr. Gordon are faced with. They’re forced to realize some horrible truths about, not only this seemingly, sadistic, serial killer, but about themselves too as they try to work together to beat the game.

Will they be able to escape this puzzling trap and save Dr. Gordons family or will they not be able to pick up the pieces?

“Live or die…make your choice…”


For a horror film fan, Saw has it all. It’s gory, sadistic, clever and of course, frightening. Because of these attributes, the movie also works on the average movie-goer. The twists and turns make this so that all can enjoy, even if you’re not big into gore or blood.

The average viewer may find the gore gross but upon seeing the movie, you’ll realize that it compliments the movie as apposed to trying to drive the squeamish away. Besides, with all of the mystery involved, you become more en<span style=”font-style: italic;”>grossed</span> with trying to put all of the parts together; and the ending doesn’t leave you guessing or questioning its outcome.

As far as story is concerned, Saw doesn’t do anything amazingly new. It does, however, take many old ideas from movies past and put them together to create a new horror experience. Think of it as a sort of Sadist-Gore-Mystery genre. Sure, other movies have been much gorier but Saw puts it all together in a way where the story doesn’t suffer for the visual.

“Hey big boy. Need a lift?”

The actors are really able to hold this whole concept together. The acting is perfect for Saw. There are a few over-the-top (Ahem, Cary Elwes) sequences but they fit in decently with the situations. The cast does a good job to make sure all of these instances seem believable and authentic. Not to mention, Saw starts up a new horror villains career. Dubbed Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), he will go down as a favorite along with legends like Freddy and Jason.

Sure, Saw has great story-flow and twists but it would be nothing without its famous traps. The traps that Jigsaw brilliantly puts together are a huge part of what makes Saw unique. From trapping a drug addict in a room with a bear trap tied to her head, to trapping a fat man in a room with razor wire; it’s all here and it’s very intense to watch but you can’t look away.

General Audiences will get a huge kick out of Saw. Hardcore audiences may need a little more blood for their buck but if you can get past the need for more gore, then this movie becomes very enjoyable. It has a very clever twist ending and many interesting scenes and that makes up for any loss of blood.

Watch it or miss out…make your choice…