Sleepaway Camp (1983) – The Cut Up #10

Check out Continuity Problems, Best and Worst Scenes and the Best and Worst Quotes from the B horror movie Sleepaway Camp, as done by The Cut Up. Just in time for summer campers!

When summer comes, every kid knows what happens, (At least in the 70’s and 80’s) it’s time to go to summer camp! The kids at Camp Arawak however, have no idea what’s about to hit them this year.

After Ricky and Angela are taken to camp, nothing seems to be quite like it used to be. Old friends and girlfriends have changed as well as the amount of kids attending this year. Kids are even mysteriously dying this year, leaving even fewer kids for ball games and socials.

Will Ricky and Angela survive the summer?

Would you beleive that this guy becomes head chef? Yeesh!


Sleepaway Camp is your typical summer camp, slasher movie. Lots of kids, lots of sexual tension and so on and so forth. Everything is in place for you to predict what happens in this movie. Or is it?

Sleepaway Camp has all of the cliche trademarks of a slasher film; except for the ending. It will totally catch you off guard and from what I’ve seen from peoples reactions, scare the shit out of you.

So what happens? You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Death by the tiolet...


Other than the ending, the name of the movie itself tells you a lot about it. It’s pretty boring in between death scenes and there isn’t a lot of new direction in those scenes. They just beat the same dead-horse-story-elements through the whole movie until the climax. Girl gets picked on. Girl gets picked on. Boy gets picked on. Boy is denied sex. Boy calls girl a bitch. It’s enough to put you to sleep.

Another credit I have to give to Sleepaway is its creativeness in the Death scene department. There are a few that are very creative and seemingly new. Questionably creative is another way to put it, when you see a kid trapped in a bathroom stall die from a bee hive (See Video Above). Where did that idea com from? Then there are others that are boring and used though, Shower Death, Lake Death etc…

The acting is below average and it’s no surprise. When you’re watching most of these people interact and talk, you really start to think “Wow, Friday the 13th really spoiled me…”

Regardless, This movie is worth watching at least once for the ending. It’s not a choice cut by any means but it will really pull you in from all of the drab, boring scenes and for some, it may even drive you away.

Sleeping Away Camp…

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