Parasite (1982) – The Cut Up #6

Check out Continuity Problems, Best and Worst Scenes and the Best and Worst Quotes from the B horror movie Parasite, as done by The B Movie Cut Up.

Paul Dean is dying and on the run. In an undated future, a man who once worked for the government creating super secret parasites, has now turned his back on them and become a fugitive. While housing one of the leeches in his own body, he dodges an agent and tries to find a cure for his infested stomach all at the same time.

He ends up in a little community that consists of desert, a couple of houses, a hotel and a garage that is shelter for a gang of thugs. As if Paul needed more on his plate of things to look out for, the gang starts roughing him up, so he finds the aid of a town girl named Patricia (Demi Moore). Together, they try to survive against a life eating parasite and what the harsh world has become.

"Hi, I'm Paul Dean. I am very sweaty, I have two first names and a bug

In the future, government agents drive Lamborghini’s! At least that’s what Parasite, the futuristic 3D blood-sucking bug movie would have you believe. That’s right, Parasite was originally intended to be and was released as a 3D movie. Most movies that are 3D don’t really have much in the way of content because they’re trying to support the gimmick and believe me, Parasite just adds to that pile of gimmicky monster movies.

Parasite really is a mixed bag. There are some scenes that are pretty creepy or gory yet entertaining while there are others that are boring or cheesy (yet still entertaining) or just contradict the whole idea that Paul is on the run and that the agent after him has any idea what he’s doing. While watching it, you’ll wish that you had the 3D glasses to see all of the scenes where you know that it’s really enjoyable.

"This is Petey the Parasite reminding you to eat healthy and exercise!"

The casting is give and take. Personally, I think Paul Dean is odd looking and doesn’t really give off the vibe of a hero type. He plays a doctor, but he is pushed into a hero role where he not only has to save himself, but others around him as well. I guess you could say that he doesn’t look the part because in essence, he really is just a doctor but I’m not going to dig that deep. Besides, he’s a very creepy looking doctor anyway; I wouldn’t let him work on me. Parasite also features Demi Moore in her “first starring” role. The DVD boasts this fact and is very proud of it.

What I was really shocked about was the music. The music is good for this kind of movie, when you usually have to just deal with orchestral jabs and such. After I did a bit of research I found out that the man behind the music for Parasite, Richard Band, is the man who is also behind the music for classic B movies like The Reanimator Series, The Puppetmaster series and From Beyond (which he actually won an Academy Award for).

It’s a good idea to check out everyone else who was involved in the making of Parasite on For a not-so-great movie, there are a lot of recognizable b movie names in there.

My ultimate concern with Parasite is that it takes itself too seriously. There are a few scenes that are funny based on bad editing or acting but for the most part, it’s just boring because everyone makes the whole movie very important and proper. What usually makes a B horror film experience swell is the fact that the actors take the part seriously but in a different direction, to the point where they forget the topic at hand. Which in turn makes their over-acting show in a glorious way. Luckily, Parasite has the bit-parters to hold up the bad acting and cheesy lines.

If you’re looking for that typical boring-saturday-afternoon type movie, Parasite really shines. If you don’t mind your futuristic parasite infestation movies to be a little drab and boring in between the decent and gory scenes, then you may enjoy this B movie. If you’re looking for constant cheesiness or frightful moments, it’s probably best to get your life sucked away elsewhere.

I've heard of regretting waking up next to a monster the next morning,

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