Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) – The Cut Up #5

Check out Best and Worst Scenes and the Best and Worst Quotes from the B horror movie Killer Clowns from Outer Space, as done by The B Movie Cut Up.

Mike and Debbie are on top of the world, literally, that’s what the local make-out spot is called, when they see a shooting star. Instead of staying there and scoring, they decide to go and inspect it.

Before they get there, a local old man has the same idea while going to hunt for food. Him and his dog Pooh march out to the woods and the old man is just starstruck by what he sees. A giant big top tent, but this one is obviously different than what he remembers as a kid. As the old man investigates, Pooh disappears and the old man gets angry. He finds that he is not alone; there are clowns. He is shot by the clowns and never seen again.

Upon looking for it, all they see is a big top tent, so they go inside to check it out. They find a very weird place, nothing like any big top they’ve been to before. Via Elevator, they find a room full of cotton candy that hangs individually like pods and inspect them. Debbie feels weird about them, so mike rips a piece off to show her it’s okay but to their horror, they see a bloody human face inside!

They quickly hide when they hear a noise. It’s a clown! The clown is walking around and fiddling with some levers and buttons until Mike says something a little to loud and they sprint for the elevator.

A couple of clowns chase them but Mike and Debbie escape and try to tell the local police about it. The clowns aren’t going to take this laying down, so they all gather together and start to walk into town and that is when the clowny carnage begins.

"Where the hell is the Pepto? I always get an upset stomach on the tilt-a-whirl."

I have been watching this movie since I was a kid. I hadn’t heard of it when it was released but in those days we didn’t have OnDemand, so HBO would hook people up with free service for about a month every year. So we recorded it on a VHS tape (which we actually still have) which was watched probably a million times.

Now the question I keep asking myself is would I be as much of a fan of this movie if I had never seen it before? My answer is yes. I still buy B horror movies often; the box sets and the sales are all top game. So eventually, I would have come across this bad boy and absolutely loved it. I also figured that it can’t just be the memories considering the gags in the movie are hilarious and some are just downright genius.

Out of all of the great ingredients in this movie, the best thing about it is probably the title. You know from the get-go that the Chiodo brothers were making a B horror movie and that’s all there was to it. Killer, good, Klowns, mispelled and heading in the right direction — from outer space; hot damn!

The clowns get-up is scary as hell. They have huge disgusting teeth and their laugh is what haunts children’s dreams. For the first half of the movie, you are welcomed to laugh along with the fun but eventually you start to realize that there is a real serious danger going on here. They have come to feed and won’t stop until the humans are wiped out.

The budget for the movie was two million, which is not a lot by yesterdays or todays standards but they really made it stretch in this movie. For a B movie, everything looks realistic and to a lesser extent, convincing. Sure, it’s not all completely perfect, it is a B movie after-all but the feeling is present through the whole thing and that’s what’s important.

Unfortunately, I needed to keep the video from being too long so I was only able to include a few scenes. I had to leave some amazing scenes out that I’m a bit ashamed about but I had to make sure all the bases were covered, from funny to genius to scary. This is why you need to go and buy the dvd. Not to mention, all of the special behind the scenes special features that it has. It has over an hour of how they performed the gags and effects and it’s really interesting.

Despite anything you see or hear, if you’re a fan of B horror, you must own this movie; it’s a classic! It’s also earned a Choice Cut award from The Cut Up and deservingly so. Kudos to you, Chiodo Brothers! May your killer klowns sequel see the light of day!

"King Klown, beast of the big top! 9th wonder of the world!"

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