Slugs (1988) – The Cut Up #3

Check out Continuity Problems, Best and Worst Scenes and the Best and Worst Quotes from the B horror movie Slugs, as done by The B Movie Cut Up.

Slugs, though slimy, are a very innocent. Laying in dark, damp areas all day and coming out at night to eat grass and other assorted green veggies that you may have growing in your garden. However, if these slugs were growing together in a town that used to be a toxic waste dump while Halloween is approaching, you can bet that these same slugs are going to try and rip your head off. 

It starts with Mike Brady…Well, not yet. it starts with a guy and his gal in a boat. The gal wants to swim but the guy does not. She begins to disrobe but he falls in. As she pleas with him that it isn’t funny, all she can see is a big blood bubble rise in the water!

Ahem, now it starts with Mike Brady. he’s an important guy in town. So important, in fact, that he is meeting the chief of police in the morning to help evict a drunk from his home! The system does work! Once they get there though, all they find is a mutilated body and sludge on the floor.

Complaints ensue about the sewer and deaths are happening all too often. After finding out about the town being built on a toxic waste dump, seeing big, no, ENORMOUS slugs and one dead hamster they eventually point to one final alternative: Killer Mutant Slugs and they’re breeding in the Sewers!

Then Mike Brady and his trusty sidekick from the sanitation department go all out to try and save the town, even if they destroyed half of it in the process.

I’m not even sure where to begin here. From the acting and dialog to the music and sound. This movie is the perfect example of the B horror movie feeling.

The guy who plays Mike Brady does a great job of overacting yet never acting all at once. His face never changes, he always has that caveman expression on his face and he thinks everyone is an asshole for not believing his slugs theory. He is a man to look up to!

He’s not the only one though, all of the acting is so amateurish in this movie that I don’t know if I can give anyone credit in this movie for it. The only one who I think had a shred of charisma is the sanitation guy with the ugly wife. The only reason he wasn’t the lead is probably because he doesn’t have the face for it. The best thing to watch in this movie though are peoples reactions to the situations. You will laugh out loud at them.

The script for this movie must have been written by a slug because some of the things they say range from stupid to, what the hell is he talking about? I can’t believe the things that people would actually say on camera. Didn’t anyone even think

‘hey, this doesn’t sound right…” or “why don’t I say it like this?” All I know is when a powerful city official stands up and tells you “You don’t have the authority to declare happy birthday!” then you know something is foul.

Speaking of script, the movies setting was supposed to take place during Halloween, but you wouldn’t know that because they only refer to it maybe once or twice and there are abolsutely no Halloween decorations anywhere! There is one pumpkin at a party that the high school kids go to; that’s it! Where are the trick or treaters? Where are the houses covered in decor? Where is the god-damn candy?

As far as music and sound, this movie uses the same music over and over like a Scooby Doo cartoon. Some of the music sounds creepy but some other music sounds like it was ripped from Dukes of Hazard. The sound is stupid. They try to add in those cues for the jump scare but the jump was never there to begin with. Who edited this movie?

I really wish the title of this was Killer Mutant Slugs but it was based on a book by Shaun Hutson, so apparently they had to keep the title. Shaun is so embarrassed by it though that he tells people to stay away from it!

I assure you he isn’t saying that just because he is embarrassed because the movie is really that bad. I would only suggest this movie for those who know what they’re getting into. If you hate B horror that is cheesy to the fullest extent, then avoid this. However, if you like to watch movies that are awful with your friends on a Friday night with a pizza in tow, it’s highly suggested.

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