Dead Space (2008, Xbox 360, PS3 & PC) – Gamecut

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We take a break from the retro games and jump into the 2008 released scary game called Dead Space. Most current generation savy gamers are aware of Dead Space, considering it was a huge hit! Advertised as a grindhouse game in space, the franchise was expected to be big on not only the game side of things but also with comics, books and even some animated movies. I haven’t checked out the other pieces of media but the game sure is scary!

You play as space miner, Issac Clarke who is on his way to check out a space station that his vessel recently lost contact with. When they show up, they find nothing but strange humanoid creatures that want to attack anything they come into contact with. Can Issac get through these tight corridors and murderous creatures and set things right?

Haunting: Starring Polterguy (1993, Sega Genesis) – Gamecut

We dive further into the retro spooky games by taking a look at Haunting: Starring Polterguy! Polterguy being the main character you play as who has a flat top and, since it was the early 90’s, a ‘tude! You haunt a house and you want this family out of the house you’re haunting. You scare them by jumping into normal household objects like lamps, couches and paintings to have them create a parnormal situation that would make even the bravest human poop their pants. It’s great fun and really original idea for a video game. I just wish I could pull off a flat top like Polterguy! Then I’d be cool! Radical!

Alien Storm (1990, Sega Genesis) – Gamecut

Many of us don’t think of Aliens when we say Halloween, but Aliens can be scary too! That’s why we’re checking out Alien Storm, released in 1990 for the Sega Genesis (and the Wii Virtual Console!). Looking to play as a robot and whip aliens with a yellow electro-whip? Or maybe play as a woman who kicks major crawly, witched-faced thing ass? Then Alien Storm is a game you want to check out! It’s raining Aliens!

Uninvited (1991, NES) – Gamecut

Here’s another blast from the past for our Spooky Gamecuts today. This time we take a look at Uninvited for the NES from 1991 (20 years ago! Feel old?). This is a pretty unique game in the NES library as the only game like this point and click adventure on the system is Shadowgate (that I know of) and that’s made by the same company too! Join me, as we explore Master Crowley’s mansion, all uninvited like. We’re crashing this party!